Black Mountain Whiskey Rebellion features a collective of talented musicians (Mitch Merrett, Corbett Frasz, Erik Dylan, Greg Carroll, plus special guest, Clayton Bellamy), bringing multiple years of touring experience, studio time and multi-faceted musicianship to the mix.

Banding together to create a sonic awakening that walks the line of boundless melodic prowess and raw, unapologetic truths, BMWR have merged a fascination with the history of the North American moonshiner and a love of Southern power chord guitar rock into a collection of fictional smoky backwoods tales, resulting in an album that is introspective and speaks from the soul; producing tracks that are dark and brooding complete with lyrics abundant in grit and uncompromised delivery.

Debut single “Holy Smoke” quickly garnered the attention of Rolling Stone Country, who included the group in their July 2018 list of “10 New Country Artists You Need To Know”. Writer Jim Beaugez describes the track as “Merrett’s distorted guitar snarls underneath a chicken-pickin’ country hook, kicking off a tale told through lyrical double-entendre and a fist-pumping chorus before closing with a full gospel revival coda”, dubbing the collective “A Canadian group of rootsy outlaws”. He goes on to detail their overall sound as “a fleet of rumbling IROC-Zs at Talladega revved-up on leaded gasoline and ready to chase the checkered flag.”

“Holy Smoke”, together with BMWR’s self-titled follow-up track, have a combined 1.7 million streams to date (March 1st) no small feat given the songs have never been released to radio, with the collective instead relying on a grassroots approach to sharing new music and gaining fans. Combining their love of motorcycles, music, tattoos and more, with numerous Gold-certified singles, song writing credits and industry awards between the five members, these long-time musical friends have finally come together to collaborate and deliver the indulgent yet timeless sound that is the Black Mountain Whiskey Rebellion.

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